What is the cost impact to the tax increase of the three financial requests linked to the Mayor’s Task force?
The three Mayors taskforce programs and their financial request is as follows:

Welcoming Streets $91,000
Addiction Court Support Program $61,200
Supported Recovery Room $150,000
Total $302,200

There is up to $152,200 uncommitted from one-time funding from a Provincial grant linked to recreational cannabis. That funding can be applied to enforcement, support services, training, as examples, in changes arising form recreational cannabis use in the community. Staff would link the work of Welcoming Streets and Addiction Court Support program to this funding as it has elements of support to cannabis users and diverts from enforcement needs.

The impact to the tax levy would 0.06% per cent if the $150,000 for the Supported Recovery Room is funded from the base operating budget.

The impact to the tax levy would be 0.12% per cent if the $302,200 for all three programs to added to the base operating budget for ongoing sustainable funding.

For accountability to the provincial cannabis funding, staff would stay engaged and involved with the Mayor’s Task force that looks to work closely with these programs and other housing projects.