Please provide a summary of the City's total FTE's by service area for 2020 tax supported budget?
The attached tables outline the historical approved FTE’s and the proposed 2020 FTE’s. FTEs are a budgeted amount representing permanent full-time and Transit and Paramedic part-timers who work 20 or more productive hours in each week which is consistent with past practice of calculating FTEs. Hours are budgeted based on service needs. Full-time hours can vary from 1,820 to 2,184 hours per year. FTEs are not the same thing as headcount or the number of positions and jobs in the City.

Service area 2019 in-year adjustments are detailed below and have been completed with a net-zero budget impact within the year:
• City department realignment accounts for some of the movement including:
o CAO’s Office
 Transfer of 3 FTEs from Business Process Improvement in the CAO’s office to the Continuous Improvement Office (CIO) in Corporate Services
o Public Services
 Increase of net 2 FTE’s
• Increase in PS Admin for Strategic Business Advisor
• Increase in Parks and Recreation for 1 FTE recreational coordinator for facility bookings
o Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services
 Increase in IDE Admin for 1 FTE Strategic Business Advisor
 No in-year net new FTE increase in IDE as positions have been reallocated to meet service delivery needs
o Corporate Services
 Net increase of 8 FTE’s
• Increase of 6 FTE’s that were re-allocated to Corporate Services from other City Departments
• Increase in 1 FTE Strategic Business Advisor
• Increase in 1 FTE Systems Process Analyst in Finance
The service area 2020 investment column includes the Renewable Energy Project Manager approved by Council in May 2019 as well as 3 transit drivers as recommended by the Transit Service Review. There are 5 positions included in the operating impacts from 2019 approved capital projects including staffing of the new mobility van, multi-residential waste collection vehicle and expanded weigh-scale operations. There was one position reduction recommended as part of the reframed Continuous Improvement Office.