Dominique O’Rourke
The IPSOS citizen satisfaction survey indicates that primary areas for improvement include:
  • Snow clearing/removal from sidewalks
  • Snow clearing/removal from roads 
Does the 2020 operational budget address the need to improve these services?
Recognizing the results from the recent Citizen Satisfaction survey which indicate that while residents overall are happy with the City`s winter control efforts, they would also like to see improvements, the Operations staff along with other departments will continue to conduct a collaborative internal review. The intent of the review is to look at the winter control efforts performed both by City resources and contractors to identify gaps in service, areas for cross departmental improvements and general cost savings. This review may also assist the City’s Internal Auditor, who indicated previously that winter control has been identified as a possible future audit. Once the internal review is completed, pending any direction from the City’s Internal Auditor, we do anticipate reporting back to Council with possible expansions for the 2020-2021 winter season.

There are no planned changes to the City’s winter control service levels.